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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

"Cam boy" by J Matt

This is the "debut memoir by Webcam Performer". Joseph Matthew ? is gay, welsh, and someone who had enjoyed displaying his nakedness to strangers over the internet from the age of 12. This memoir explains how he got into camming.

He went to London to live with his boyfriend but Christos gambled. Then he lived with drug dealer Nick; Joey was Nick's mule and also began taking lots of drugs; to fund his habit he became a rent boy travelling to strange houses to have sex with paying strangers. In order to escape his addiction he went home. He decided to earn money by live sex performances on Cam websites. He earned £1.50 the first night but now earns perhaps £500 per week, performing in a shed at the bottom of his parents' garden. He  appeared in a BBCTV documentary which you can see on YouTube here.

Although this answered many of my questions about the mechanics of web cam work I still don't really understand what it feels like to expose yourself nightly to strangers and, at their request, thrust vegetables into your anus.

JMatt93 suggests that constructing an alter ego may be one way in which he has done this. He calls JMatt "the Hyde to my Jekyll" and fears that "the bigger J Matt grows, the smaller Joseph becomes". After all, "Freedom in this world ... is when you're not wearing a microphone pack."

A factually fascinating book. March 2017; 179 pages

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