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Thursday, 13 December 2018

"The Essex Serpent" by Sarah Perry

As recently widowed Cora Seaborne and her strange son Francis travel to Essex, strange things begin to happen around the Blackwater and so many loves are destined to be unfulfilled. A sort of Gothic novel set in Victorian times.

Some great lines

  • "He wants to feel the wind's edge strop itself sharp on his skin" (New Year's Eve)
  • "Time was ... lost by those who wished the past was present and loathed by those who wished the present past." (January#1)
  • "On Charing Cross Road time exchanged its chariot for buses and cabs in urgent fleets, and in the wards of Barts and of the Royal Borough pain made hours of minutes." (January#1)
  • "Memory unfurled like smoke from a blown candle" (January#1)
  • "Sometimes I think we must be walking on shoals of bodies without realising it and all the earth's a graveyard." (March #1)
  • "He took his Sunday duties as seriously as if he'd taken instruction at the burning bush." (March#2)
  • "A diamond which broke the light and threw it against the wall." (March#2)
  • "Is a dreadful liar bad at lying or good at it?" (May#4)
  • "She'll grow out of hope, as everyone eventually does" (September#1)
  • "The fear of the crowd came then to Will, with the taste of a copper penny placed on his tongue" (September#3) (the same metaphor is used later)
  • "It was simply an animal, as they all were; and was dead, as they all would be." (September#3)
  • "To live at all is to be bruised." (September#3)
  • "If you want to insist on your faith  you ought at least to concede it's a strange business and very little to do with well-ironed cassocks and the order of service." (September#5)
  • "If love were an archer someone had put out its eyes, and it went stumbling about, blindly letting loose its arrows, never meeting its mark." (September#6)
  • "There's enthusiasm in Parliament, but what counts for enthusiasm in the Commons would look very like laziness elsewhere." (September#10)

December 2018; 417 pages

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