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Monday, 15 February 2021

"Me and My Million" by Clive King

 A young dyslexic boy, Ringo, is roped in by his elder brother Elvis and his mate Shane to be the getaway vehicle for an art heist. They hand him the stolen painting, in a bag of laundry, and he takes it by bus to a launderette to meet his contact. Unfortunately he muddles bus 14 and bus 41 and ends up in the wrong launderette, his subsequent travels take him on the Underground, to a hippy squat, to a crooked art dealer, a terrorist gang with guns, an old woman's flat and a canal boat. And then some.

A great little kids' adventure novel with some refreshing humour:

  • "The only thing to look at are these pictures ... and they're all about the olden days with people wearing a lot of old clothes or no clothes at all." (C 1)
  • "Don't trust anyone in a peaked cap, it's a good rule." (C 2)
  • "'Do you know anything about locks?' Big Van asked me. I said there were some you could open with a bit of bent wire, and some you could push back with a bit of plastic. 'Canal locks, I meant,' he says." (C 10)

Written by the author of Stig of the Dump and The Twenty-Two Letters.

This review was written by
the author of Motherdarling.

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