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Having reviewed over 1200 books on this blog, I have now written two myself. Motherdarling is a story about a search for a missing Will which reveals long-hidden family secrets. The Kids of God is a thriller set in a dystopia ruled by fascist paramilitaries. Both are available as paperbacks and on Kindle through Amazon. I live in Canterbury, England. I lived for more than thirty years in Bedford. Having retired from teaching; I became a research student at the University of Bedfordshire researching into Liminality. I achieved my PhD in 2019. I am now properly retired. I love reading! I enjoy in particular fiction (mostly great and classic fiction although I also enjoy whodunnits), biography, history and smart thinking. Follow me on twitter: @daja57

Sunday, 17 April 2011

"The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo

A blockbusting whodunnit style thriller with no fewer than three red herrings (all of which are reasonably obvious as red herrings). A serial killer is on the loose in Oslo. Inspector Harry Hole (atypically irascible alcoholic loner) and his new sidekick Katrine investigate the disappearances and sometimes gruesome deaths of women. Well written but absolutely standard fare.

Kept me going though. I read it in under four days.

April 2011; 550 pages.

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