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Monday, 2 January 2012

"Mock the Week's Funniest Book of All Time"


Mock the Week is a brilliantly funny television programme. It contains Andy Parsons who looks smug and  comments on current events in an angry voice ending up with the catchphrase: "Well. That's a load of crap isn't it?" and Frankie Boyle who makes a lot of jokes about sex, especially masturbation. There are also four funny comedians on the show.

This book contains a lot of jokes about sex, especially masturbation; it seems to have been mostly written by Frankie Boyle. To be honest, they get rather boring. There are a few funny nuggets but they are hidden amongst the rest.

For example:

  • Unlikely names for skyscrapers have six of 14 with sexual connotations;
  • Bad titles for love songs (p144) manages 11 out of 14 sexual titles 

It just got boring. It seemed that they had run out of jokes so they just filled in with childish smut.


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