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Sunday, 12 April 2015

"The call of the wild" by Jack London

This is a tale of a dog, narrated from the point of view of the dog.

Buck is a big fit dog living with a judge, his sons and grandsons when he is kidnapped and sold. He is very angry but brutally brought to heel with a club. When he becomes a sled dog he has a lot to learn but he is a quick learner and before too long he has fought and killed the lead dog and taken his place at the head of the team. But record breaking runs through the snow are exhausting and Buck and his team are very tired when they are sold to greenhorns. They do the best they can with overladen sleds and a driver who only understands how to whip dogs. He is rescued from them by a trapper and he conceives a deep love for this man. But the call of the wild begins to come to him and he spends more and more time in the forest.

A beautifully written novella by a man who has a real understanding both of how dogs think and the frozen world of the Yukon.

April 2017; 97 pages

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