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Having reviewed over 1200 books on this blog, I have now written two myself. Motherdarling is a story about a search for a missing Will which reveals long-hidden family secrets. The Kids of God is a thriller set in a dystopia ruled by fascist paramilitaries. Both are available as paperbacks and on Kindle through Amazon. I live in Canterbury, England. I lived for more than thirty years in Bedford. Having retired from teaching; I became a research student at the University of Bedfordshire researching into Liminality. I achieved my PhD in 2019. I am now properly retired. I love reading! I enjoy in particular fiction (mostly great and classic fiction although I also enjoy whodunnits), biography, history and smart thinking. Follow me on twitter: @daja57

Sunday, 2 August 2015

"Love on the Dole" by Walter Greenwood

Squalor and despair set in an industrial town in northern England in the 1930s. No matter how hard you work, you can never earn enough to life yourself out of poverty. You pawn your possessions and darn your clothes, your furniture is rented and if you need to borrow money you must find a local loan shark who will charge you extortionate amounts of interest. Bullies and bookmakers and small time criminals prosper; respectable hard-working people do all they can to stay afloat. Then the local engineering firm gets new machines or finds a cheaper source of labour and you lose your job, any possibility of making ends meet, and your self-respect. You can't even afford to love.

Despite its simplistic storyline and sometimes didactic nature, this is a classic story of penury and hopelessness which has a very real message for today.

August 2015; 256 pages

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