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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood" by Charles Dickens

This is the last and unfinished novel by Charles Dickens and the only disappointing thing bout it is that it is unfinished. Although there are moments of classic Dickens sentiment and he has a deplorable tendency to tell you the innermost thoughts of some of his characters, the book stands up with a strong plot and some wonderful characters:

  • John Jasper the opium-smoking choir master and uncle of Edwin
  • Twins Helena and Neville Landless, the latter being the prime suspect for the murder of Edwin, if indeed he has been murdered
  • Edwin's guardian Mr Grewgious, living a lonely bachelor life in Chambers
  • The pompous Mayor of Cloisterham, Mr Sapsea, who can't even write an epitaph to his wife without boasting about himself
  • Opium seller Princess Puffer
  • The Philanthropist and bully Mr Honeythunder
  • Detective Dick Datchery
  • Ex sailor Mr Tartar who befriends Neville and Rosa and was Mr Crisparkle's fag at school; his house is ship-shape and Bristol fashion
  • Durdles the stonemason who rather likes a drop of liquor
  • Deputy the urchin who is employed by Durdles to throw stones at him is he sees him out after 10PM and thus drive him home
  • Combative landlady Billickin

It is a brilliant start and I would love to see it completed.

October 2014; 304 pages

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