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Saturday, 26 February 2011

"The Expelled; The Calmative; The End & First Love" by Samuel Beckett

These four 'novels' (anyone else would call them short stories) relate the story of a man outside society, a drop out, perhaps a tramp. He has a little independence but he is handicapped by his fears so that he cannot cope with life. Thus, when he walks and pays attention to the way he is walking, he falls down. When he perseveres he has to fling himself to the ground to avoid crushing a child although normally he wouldn't bother because he hates children. Hats feature prominently.

He writes beautifully. There are beautiful descriptions and tantalising metaphors. The hero is a man of mystery about whom we want to know more; we want to understand what has brought him to this pass. But these are just glimpses through a window and we will never know more than we are told. And that, in the end, is unsatisfying.

Feb 2011; 80 pages

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